The bet I made in 1998, after graduating from university, to start a business has largely been met. The Small and Medium Enterprise of the time has, in fact, become the GUICOPRES Group of today, with four subsidiaries operating in the sectors of Commerce, Real Estate, Transit and of course construction and Public Works. with its parent subsidiary.
For more than a decade, the Group has continued to grow thanks to a policy dominated by daring and the ambition to be among the most important in Guinea and Africa, despite the many obstacles inherent in any human enterprise in a context of global financial crisis. GUICOPRES has always remained on its fundamentals and has been able to maintain its achievements by protecting most of the jobs created for several years.
Better still, our area of intervention has extended to West Africa with the creation of subsidiaries in Mali, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. Our fixed assets and our equipment allow us to maintain an ideal position vis-à-vis our competitors in conquering markets in sectors such as mining and infrastructure development. Beyond this desire for expansion, our leitmotif rests above all on supporting high authorities in their desire to acquire quality infrastructure. This, with a view to meeting the increasingly demanding demand of the Guinean people, as evidenced by the 2X2 lanes Matoto – Dapompa project, a perfect illustration of the State / Private partnership for the construction of Guinea.
The first force on which a company is based being people, we have always placed particular emphasis on the qualification of human resources, to always improve their technical skills and know-how. At GUICOPRES, our approach to human relations, devoid of any discrimination of a political, social, religious, racial, cultural or ethnic nature, has enabled us to be present in the field successfully for more than 10 years, with nearly 1,500 employees. from all parts of Guinean society. All this has enabled us to carry out important projects and to continue those in progress.
The advent of a democratically elected President of the Republic and the establishment of major national projects constitute a new paradigm in terms of entrepreneurial strategy. We are therefore doing everything we can to ally ourselves with the best world manufacturers, to be always present in sectors essential to the development of our country. In this context, 2015 should see an increase in the development of our group, its subsidiaries and representations. This development remains essential for the sustainable maintenance of our level of performance, operations and the quality of service expected by our customers.

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