Guicopres BTP, Cité Ministérielle construction: CNRD satisfied!

Jul 21, 2023 | 0 comments

This Tuesday, July 11, a strong delegation from the CNRD, led by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ibrahima Sory Bangoura, visited the construction sites to assess the progress of work.
GUICOPRES BTP has undertaken the construction of 30 high-standard buildings at the Cité Ministérielle, which will house members of the government.

The R+1 buildings offer luxurious amenities with 5 bedrooms, 4 showers, 1 dressing room, 2 lounges on 2 levels, a terrace, a garden, a gym, a kitchen, an annex, visitor parking and a private garage.

CNRD spokeswoman Colonel Aminata Diallo expressed her satisfaction with the quality of the work:
“The CNRD came to visit the various GUICOPRES BTP worksites to get an update on the progress of the work. We found that some of the buildings we visited have been completed, and the rest of the 30 buildings will be handed over at the end of July. The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the Inspector General of the Armed Forces and all the other members of the CNRD are satisfied for the time being with the GUICOPRES BTP company for the work it has carried out within the contractual deadline. We’re satisfied, and we hope the company will meet the deadline”,

This site visit demonstrates the government’s commitment to providing quality infrastructure for its members. The high-standard residences at Cité Ministérielle will provide a comfortable, modern environment to meet the needs of government members.

By meeting deadlines and ensuring the quality of the work, Guicopres has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the completion of these major projects.
Groupe Guicopres CEO Mr. kerfalla CAMARA expressed his satisfaction and pledged to meet the contractual deadlines.
“To date, a lot has already been done. And what remains to be done, we are fighting to finish by the end of July. Technical acceptance and provisional acceptance are scheduled for August 15. These are high-standard buildings in keeping with the Guinean environment. We have taken into account all the construction criteria, through the inspection mission, through the various technical departments of the Ministry of Housing. It’s a source of satisfaction for me today, because the various Guinean subcontractors have done the major work, and we’ve come to put the finishing touches to the CNRD”,

Today, GUICOPRES BTP has become an incubator for a number of companies through subcontracting agreements.

The delivery of these buildings will mark an important step in the country’s development and modernization process. These infrastructures will enable members of the government to work in optimal conditions, promoting better governance and informed decision-making.

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